Sunday, July 29, 2012

Someone Else's Holiday.

My day in review:

Checked out of my hotel waaay to early for my own good (we're talking 6:30 IN THE MORNING here people!), drove aimlessly around while picking random roads to drive down without a GPS, almost hit a jogger, found the house of my dreams, made fun of some New England town names (Belchertown? Seriously?), sipped on Starbucks, jammed out to Journey & MJ, found a Hogwarts-esque college for women, lusted over cute rustic architecture, contemplated the meaning of "lapidary" (the art of cutting, polishing and engraving precious stones, Webster says), drove under endless tunnels of trees, ogled at a giant foot sculpture, admired rolling green hills & beautiful clouds, got caught in random and sudden construction, searched for a radio station sans static while in said construction, finally found Ryan Seacrest (score!), and now I am driving 6 hours to reach home (after a quick Barnes & Noble break, that is).

The end!
mckenna k. xx