Sunday, July 22, 2012

Meet Marlin J!

     Lately, I have been wanting a fish. Weird right? Right.
     Usually when I think of fish, I automatically think of two things: 1. They die fast and easily and 2. My first fish experience when I was younger didn't end to well.. (RIP Molly) But I thought I might as well get a little company to swim happily in my room while I type away blog post or attempt DIY projects and to appear once in a while in my blog posts. :)

    I originally went in the pet store just to look at what they had, but I mean really? Who can do that and come out with nothing?! I was proud of myself however, that I refrained from the kitten and puppy section on the store. So I picked this little guy out and got a pretty cool bachelor pad for him :)

    Keep an eye out for Marlin J. in future blog posts!
mckenna k. (and marlin j!) xx

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