Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Poem Untitled.

I recently did a collaboration piece with my grandmother on her blog. It was a poem challenge, where each of us grabbed a random book from our shelf (and trust me, I had plenty to choose from..) and make a list of words. Then, we traded list and we had to make a poem using some of those words.
        I was instantly stand-offish; I am the kind of person who writes most of my time, but then hardly ever shares it with anyone, but it would make my grandmother happy so I said yes.
        She shared both of ours in a post late last week, but I never planned on sharing it here. But once my grandmother read it aloud to my family and I heard their compliments and praises, I figured I might as well bite the bullet, and step out of my comfort zone..
        So here's mine...

Poem Untitled.

Waves transport me;
look to them,
and I enter deeper into
the haze.

The haze of my future:
what's next and where
I am going.

The blue is hypnotizing,
transferring me into my
tattered thoughts.
The rhythm waits;
saying only two drifting words:

What's next?

mckenna k. xx

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