Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How to Shop for Previously-Loved Books.

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Ever since I could read to myself, I haven’t stopped. Not for a single second. Starting with Goodnight Moon and If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, and eventually graduating into Great Gatsby and True Colors, I was completely captivated by the world of books. As much as I love buying a brand new book with that brand new book smell (my kind of “new car smell”), I also love the thrill of finding a gem in a previously-loved book store (yes, I mean used but when I use that word, my mind fills with images of pushy car salesmen and greasy hair..).

Sometimes I love to just walk into a book store and take a deep breath. That atmosphere seems to instantly clear my mind, and I can forget the world for those few moments. So, here are my tips for a newbie to the used bookstore scene. Enjoy!

1. Grab a Random Book:

This technique never seems to fail me. Every once in a while, I enter a random aisle, close my eyes, pick up a random book, and buy it without giving it a second. This may sound like a risk, but more often than not, I find a fantastic gem. This is actually how I discovered Lev Grossman (think along the lines of Harry Potter and Narnia), who is now one of my favorite authors.

2.      Search in a Section You Normally Wouldn’t:

One time, I walked into the most random section ever: Bird Watching. Yes, I never really gave it a second thought as I was looking through the shelves, when I found a book on how to beat writer’s block.


In the bird watching section!

Sometimes, the previously-loved bookstore owners or customers for that matter, will shove a random book in a random spot for the next owner to find. And I am telling you, I’ve used that writer’s block book, more times than I could count. :)

3.      Look for Books that Inspire You:

One time, I bought a book (for $2) because of the cover. I literally took it home and ripped off the cover and added it to my inspiration folder. :) It may sound crazy but at an incredibly cheap price and a easy way to get it, books can easily be you’re new inspiration. <3

mckenna k. xx

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  1. Wherever this pic was taken, I want to go dig through that stack. Love the ideas here :)
    And your first book was probably Ducky Colors. Just sayin...