Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mother/Daughter Makeovers.

 My mother and I had been planning to see the Katy Perry 3D movie since we saw the first trailer (I am a huge fan, and my mom is one too), and we thought we would amp up the fun by doing Mother/Daughter makeovers for our date.

Wdiscovered I am MUCH more willing to let someone "make-me-over" while my mother... is constantly spewing out suggestions. ;) and she was less than willing to take as many pictures as myself. I must be shallow.

I also learned that if you do makeup & hair on someone else, they kind of end up looking like you.. Mom's hair is similar to how I wear mine, and the makeup is almost how I wear it everyday; my hair looks somewhat like my mother's (which I was not a fan of on me.. :)) but the makeup.. Well, he was going for a "cute, sun-kissed cheek look" which in her world equals four dozen dabs on bright pink blush while aggressively rubbing it it.. :) Gotta love her.

In the end, we had a ton of laughs, a blast with a mini-photoshoot, and LOVED the Katy Perry movie (seriously. If you have eyes, go see it!).

Do someone else's hair/makeup for a day!
mckenna k. xx

p.s. the shirt i am wearing in these photos is a diy that will be posted soon!

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  1. This post makes me extremely happy! Days like these are treasures . You think they last forever and before you know it, life changes. Enjoy!!!!! Beautiful fun post.