Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Confession Time!

So here are some of my wacky/different/things-that-make-me-me confessions. Enjoy! :) 

1. I can spend hours upon hours, upon hours in a book store. 

2. I obsess over the latest fashion magazines. I literally run to the store when a newest issue comes out.

3. I like being anti-social. Sometimes, just staying home, writing up blog posts, belting out 80's tunes, and tweeting (all while staying in my pajamas!) is all a girl really needs. 

4. Speaking of Twitter, I am a complete addict. If you haven't checked out my tweets yet, you're seriously missing out. I really should find a Twitter Anonymous group.. oh well! No going back now :)

5. I am obsessed with the Olympics. Seriously. I almost countdown all the days until the next Olympic year. I even Youtube "Good Olympic Commercials" (this one is GREAT, btw). I know I have a problem, but I freaking love them. 

mckenna k. xx

1 comment:

  1. And that's why I love you, because you are you! The picture is great too.