Sunday, July 29, 2012

Someone Else's Holiday.

My day in review:

Checked out of my hotel waaay to early for my own good (we're talking 6:30 IN THE MORNING here people!), drove aimlessly around while picking random roads to drive down without a GPS, almost hit a jogger, found the house of my dreams, made fun of some New England town names (Belchertown? Seriously?), sipped on Starbucks, jammed out to Journey & MJ, found a Hogwarts-esque college for women, lusted over cute rustic architecture, contemplated the meaning of "lapidary" (the art of cutting, polishing and engraving precious stones, Webster says), drove under endless tunnels of trees, ogled at a giant foot sculpture, admired rolling green hills & beautiful clouds, got caught in random and sudden construction, searched for a radio station sans static while in said construction, finally found Ryan Seacrest (score!), and now I am driving 6 hours to reach home (after a quick Barnes & Noble break, that is).

The end!
mckenna k. xx

Friday, July 27, 2012

~[Thoughts on a Friday: Take #4

Find time to read and paint the silliest picture.
Find the time to bake a cake for no reason.
Find time to sip on coffee while talking with a good friend and doodle on the back of a napkin.
Find the time to leave a note to no one in particular and to find love.
Find time to do absolutely nothing,
and find the time to be the person you truly are.

mckenna k. xx

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

{Fishy Facts}

Marlin J. is not very camera-happy, so I am re-using a picture from the first post :)

Since getting Marlin J. (check out my post from earlier this week), I have been kind of addicted to searching (and fascinated by) random facts and quirky information about goldfish. Weird, I know but let's just say Google has been my best friend lately. 
      Anywho, I thought I would share some of my favorites with you lovelies! Here's my top five :)

1. Fish sleep. 
    Yep, it's true. I was curious the first night I had Marlin, if when I shut the lights off if he would continue to swim around blindly in the dark or if he took a snooze like the rest of us. So I Googled it.
    And it turns out they actually do. Not quite like us humans do, due to their lack of eyelids, they mostly just float above the bottom of the tank with their eyes still appearing open.

2. Their size depends on the size of their space. 
     When I bought my goldfish and my tank, the employee at the pet store said the larger the tank, the larger the fish will get. Any type of goldfish will grow until it is a compatible fit with its surroundings. My dad added that if you put him in a lake or pond, "that sucker will be huge!" :)

3. Some goldfish's brain can develop to that of a 5-year old child.
     This one, I still find hard to believe, but studies have shown that my kind of goldfish can develop the as much logic as a kindergartner! Cray-cray, huh?

4. Goldfish can live to the age of 9. 
      When I first read this, I was shocked and pretty stocked. When you think of any type of fish in a tank you automatically think of quick deaths right after you purchase them. However, if you take care of them properly and are fed regularly, it can live to be 9 YEARS OLD.

5. The "3 Second Memory" is a myth. 
      Another popular fact associated with my little Marlin J, is again, busted! Fish actually can keep many memories and have repeating patterns in their everyday life. For example, when you open the feed flap, he automatically swims to the top, awaiting the food he knows is coming. :)

see ya soon,
mckenna k & marlin j. xx

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Poem Untitled.

I recently did a collaboration piece with my grandmother on her blog. It was a poem challenge, where each of us grabbed a random book from our shelf (and trust me, I had plenty to choose from..) and make a list of words. Then, we traded list and we had to make a poem using some of those words.
        I was instantly stand-offish; I am the kind of person who writes most of my time, but then hardly ever shares it with anyone, but it would make my grandmother happy so I said yes.
        She shared both of ours in a post late last week, but I never planned on sharing it here. But once my grandmother read it aloud to my family and I heard their compliments and praises, I figured I might as well bite the bullet, and step out of my comfort zone..
        So here's mine...

Poem Untitled.

Waves transport me;
look to them,
and I enter deeper into
the haze.

The haze of my future:
what's next and where
I am going.

The blue is hypnotizing,
transferring me into my
tattered thoughts.
The rhythm waits;
saying only two drifting words:

What's next?

mckenna k. xx

Monday, July 23, 2012

I Don't Even Have a Good Enough Title.

This book will change your life. Guaranteed. 
      I know that sounds dramatic, but it's true. I had seen on countless blogs and heard from many fellow book-lovers like myself, (I had also been dying to read a John Green novel but never really seemed to get into one) that this book was hands-down amazing. But I wasn't convinced... well, until I read the first page.
      "The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green is about one girl's struggle in the battle of cancer (but Hazel Grace would NOT call it a battle, because it is in no way, shape or form heroic) and about the boy named Augustus Waters who changes her outlook on life completely. 
        At first you may think this another one of those "cancer books" that make you depressed and thankful for your health and your life, but it is so not. It sucks you in from the first sentence and doesn't let you out of its grasp until the final words. 

Shots of the book every time I opened it. That's right, only 6 sittings. 

This book absolutely changed my life. And I am dead serious about that. It makes you laugh, cry, laugh until you cry, and then sob some much more, and most importantly it makes you feel and think. You don't want the finale to come and trust me, you will wish to savor it all again. 
     So, if you haven't picked this hidden gem up yet or you've been on the fence about reading it, READ IT. 

all my love, 
mckenna k. xx

Me being creative with the book's sticker. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Meet Marlin J!

     Lately, I have been wanting a fish. Weird right? Right.
     Usually when I think of fish, I automatically think of two things: 1. They die fast and easily and 2. My first fish experience when I was younger didn't end to well.. (RIP Molly) But I thought I might as well get a little company to swim happily in my room while I type away blog post or attempt DIY projects and to appear once in a while in my blog posts. :)

    I originally went in the pet store just to look at what they had, but I mean really? Who can do that and come out with nothing?! I was proud of myself however, that I refrained from the kitten and puppy section on the store. So I picked this little guy out and got a pretty cool bachelor pad for him :)

    Keep an eye out for Marlin J. in future blog posts!
mckenna k. (and marlin j!) xx

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Life Lately.

Here's a Instagram photo montage of my life lately :)

And I will leave you with my new favorite quote..
"Life's like a mirror: It will smile back if you smile at it." --Unknown

mckenna k. xx

Friday, July 20, 2012

~[TGIF; Little Things I Love.

Amber Walker art.
Fashions fade. But runway's forver.
Project Runway.
Brooke James photography.
(photo source)

The Anthropologie tote that got away...
This freakin' genius tweet that creepily describes my life..
mckenna k. xx

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mother/Daughter Makeovers.

 My mother and I had been planning to see the Katy Perry 3D movie since we saw the first trailer (I am a huge fan, and my mom is one too), and we thought we would amp up the fun by doing Mother/Daughter makeovers for our date.

Wdiscovered I am MUCH more willing to let someone "make-me-over" while my mother... is constantly spewing out suggestions. ;) and she was less than willing to take as many pictures as myself. I must be shallow.

I also learned that if you do makeup & hair on someone else, they kind of end up looking like you.. Mom's hair is similar to how I wear mine, and the makeup is almost how I wear it everyday; my hair looks somewhat like my mother's (which I was not a fan of on me.. :)) but the makeup.. Well, he was going for a "cute, sun-kissed cheek look" which in her world equals four dozen dabs on bright pink blush while aggressively rubbing it it.. :) Gotta love her.

In the end, we had a ton of laughs, a blast with a mini-photoshoot, and LOVED the Katy Perry movie (seriously. If you have eyes, go see it!).

Do someone else's hair/makeup for a day!
mckenna k. xx

p.s. the shirt i am wearing in these photos is a diy that will be posted soon!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Life's Better With a Side of Fries.

(my photographer :) a.k.a. my mom!)

    Earlier this week, one of my favorite bloggers Maria, posted the coolest post about what is "Current" in her life. She was inspired by Danielle, who posted the similar thing a few months back and I had been inspired then and now! I had a lot of fun doing this, so it might turn into a monthly thing.. ;)
     So let's get started..

     Reading; Lately, I haven't been getting into ANYTHING I try to read! I am usually a constant reader who has a hard time to pull her nose out of the current read to eat, but everything I pick up, sucks! I have heard "The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green is beyond fantastic from countless reputable sources, so I may be taking a trip to my local bookstore soon... ;)

      Watching; Bunheads on ABC Family (I am currently typing this post frantically during commercials..). I only started watching this show due to the fact that it was created by the same genius brain behind Gilmore girls (God's gift to TV watchers. True story.). After I got into a couple weeks, I realized it wasn't half bad. Not great... yet.  Never mind, this week's episode pushed it to the top!
       I've also been watching  [what seems like] every show on USA: White Collar, Suits, and Covert Affairs. I am literally addicted to their programming! :) OH and I can't forget to mention: Teen Mom, old Friday Night Lights reruns, and Dance Academy (Aussie television).

      Thinking about; Where I am going next. What my next step is. How I am going to make it. And when.

       Eating; I am currently "attempting" to become a vegetarian. I have always wanted to try it and I swore this time, I was going to buckle down and actually do it. But due to my traveling and my recovering from wisdom teeth removal, I have slowly gone back into my meat-eating ways. But I AM GOING TO DO THIS. End of story.

      Wishing for; A endless supply of money. Lately Well, not lately. More like ever since I knew what clothes were, I have been wishing for this. Every time I check a new blog post or pick up the latest fashion magazine, I want to buy, buy, buy! And shop, shop, shop! However, then reality sets in and I have a "Confessions of a Shopaholic" moment. So, until I am a world-famous fashion designer or a successful doctor, I won't be doing that anytime soon.. :) I also wish for Kim Kardashian's talent.. The talent of making money without a talent.

      Listening to; This could be a novel all on its own, but I will attempt to condense... Ed Sheeran, Little Mix, Beatles (forever on my playlist? I believe so), Coldplay, Muse, FUN,  Ace Frehley, Mumford & Sons, Boyce Avenue, Constant Broadway Tunes, Jason Mraz, KATY PERRY, Aerosmith, Arcade Fire, Two Door Cinema Club. I am hoping I forgot no one...

mckenna k. xx

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wanna Be.

      I was looking through old photos of my old, one-foot-in-the-grave laptop and I came across this... I really don't even know how to explain it. This is back in my "Don't be hatin'" days.. Serious I said it all the time. Anywho, I first I was appalled by this monstrosity! However, the more I looked at it, the more I realized it kind of captures my whole life in one picture.

     My laptop is sitting open on my bed, hence the jumping picture-fest (probably trying to beat writer's block..). Gilmore girls becoming the center of my wall. Finished AND unfinished oil paintings; I think that green one is still in process. My best friend (a.k.a. my Polaroid camera in the "Chocolate" color). My fiery-red walls, that I have slowly come to regret but still love in a way. My owl quilt my grandmother made for me. Family pictures and memories scattered along the walls. My best ever thrifted item: my farm scene mirror (you can't see it all in this shot, but it's there <3). Hair spray. My word displayed for 2012. And my room is a complete disaster.

     I am carefree-ly jumping and looking some-what like a dork.. Oh well! :)

Sometimes, your past [pictures] turn into something great later :),
mckenna k. xx

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Wish U Were Here: Summer Playlist

     In the summer, I constantly have the latest hits (mixed with some oldies for good measure) blasting all around me. Whether in the car driving to my next adventure, or in my room while working on my newest DIY project, music surrounds me. So I thought I would share some of my favorite tunes that make up my summer anthem. :)

1. Wings- Little Mix 
    Being the proud believer in girl power I am, I instantly fell in love with this British super group. They were the first all-girl group to win the X Factor, and I already know all the words to their first single. :) I even find myself strutting to this song... Embarrassing I know, but it's addictive!

2. Glad You Came (Cover)- Boyce Avenue 
     If you haven't been living under a rock and you have a radio, you have for sure, heard this song performed from the original boy band, The Wanted. But when I stumbled across this cover (I've been really into them lately), I kind of fell in love with the song that I had been forever annoyed by. They take a edgy pop song, and turn it into a relaxing, catchy tune.

3. Wide Awake- Katy Perry
     I have been a die-hard Katy Perry fan from her very first single, actually, I am going to see her new 3D movie today. :) But this new single has taken the cake. I believe her personal life has brought out the best in her music, and I am so excited to see where she goes from here.

4. A Team- Ed Sheeran
    I just realized how many British bands/artists I listen to.. weird.
    Anyway, Ed Sheeran is another British artist I found one day while checking my blogs. His voice is down-right amazing, but his songwriting... I can't even explain how good and beautiful it is. It was incredibly hard to pick only one song from this album!

5. Hurtful- Erik Hassle
    I downloaded this song, what feels like years ago, but I have completely fallen back in love with it. It is a little sad, but it is a great song, beautifully written and performed.

  6. We Are Young- FUN.
      Yes, this one is slightly expected, considering they play this on every station every four minutes, every hour of the day. But I absolutely LOVE it.
       End of story.

honestly enjoy,
mckenna k. xx

Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Style Icons Through the Centuries.

            Ever since I can remember, I have been obsessed with style and fashion. No other action than buying a new fashion magazine or watching a movie with great costume designs, can bring me this kind of joy. :)

My style is constantly changing from day to day. Sometimes I’m edgy, sometimes I’m girly and sometimes I’m in between. I am so intrigued on how clothes can make you feel one thing or another just by the way you style them.

I was deleting some of my old photos on my iPad (considering, I am reaching 3,000 any day now..) and I noticed that many of them were inspiration and style icons photographs that I often referred to in my daily musings and shopping endeavors. So, I figured I would share some of my favorite style icons with you. :) They are separated into iconic eras, and I picked my personal favorite from each one.

AND trust me, it was NOT in any sense of the word, easy to pick only five.

1. Audrey Hepburn (1940's-1970's):
This decade was hands down, the easiest to choose a icon for. Audrey Hepburn has to be one of the most iconic person in style. She was stunningly beautiful, an amazing actress, and an overall poised, confident woman. I am so obsessed with her that I actually have a huge canvas on her in my room, and I worship her (not, really but its pretty close). I think through her entire life, she was confident, bubbly and effortlessly-girly, and I often find myself asking myself, “What would Audrey do/wear?” :)

2. Debbie Harry (1971-1980):
           Do you remember me stating that my style is constantly changing? Well, good because this style icon is a perfect example of that.
            Debbie Harry was the main singer of Blondie in the 70’s and brought about a grungier, more edgy look to the woman of that era. She brought leopard print into the spotlight, made messy, tousled hair acceptable, and could wear the color red on her lips with ease. She made the edgy look popular and approachable in her decade. :)

3. Princess Diana (1981-1999):
            I am sure you can easily see how much my style obsessions and loves change so much. Princess Diana was naturally beautiful, elegant, and confident in whatever she did. Her charity work was beyond amazing and her style wasn’t too bad either. I absolutely love her simple sophistication and grace, whether wearing a simple black dress or casual wear.

4. Emma Stone (2000-2012):
            This decade was by far, the hardest for me to choose just one woman to feature. There is an endless list of people I didn’t feature; I mean, this decade has given us endless icons to look up to. Everyone from Miley Cyrus, Danielle Peazer, Lana Del Ray, Jennifer Lawerence, Lily Collins and even Lady Gaga, have graced magazine covers with their easily coveted fashion sense and wardrobes.
            But when it came down to it, I could easily put my finger on one of the names on my list and say, “I want to be just like her,” and I knew she was the one to feature. :)
            Emma Stone is a natural red head (something I envy greatly) and whose style is down-right perfection. Whether it is her simple street style or dressing up for a major red carpet event, she covers the “Best Dressed” section of any fashion magazine, tabloid, or talk show.

          Since I have many years of styling and fashion obsessions to come, I decided to add a "Future Potential" section to this post as well.
          Elle Fanning at the age of 14, has already been amazing icon I look up to. She has graced fashion shoots and ads for Marc Jacobs, Topshop and even Marchesa with an unprecedented
composure and self-confidence. She doesn't care how other people view her, she only cares how she views herself. :) Somthing I should learn from.

In the end, I can easily say I have many style icons that I gasp over when I see them in the magazines. All of their influences shape me into the style icon I wish to become. :)

Stay stylish my lovelies,
mckenna k. xx

Friday, July 13, 2012

~[Thoughts of a Friday: 2.0

I believe in pink. I believe in love at first sight, and true romance (and I believe any Disney Princess movie is to blame for making me think that :)) I believe a hug can cure any sadness or problem. I believe coffee is the last cheap drug. I believe in equality for everyone. I believe being smart is a blessing. I believe moms make the best, best friends (*cough, cough* my own). I believe rainy days turn out to be the best days. I believe books are the portal to any world I want to enter & explore. I believe in dressing up for no reason.

I believe Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy-Onassis are the two greatest role models of all time. I believe a little retail therapy every now and then, never hurt anybody. I believe movie marathons are the only remedy when you are sick. I believe bullying is just plain wrong. I believe in strawberry milkshakes. I believe 80’s music is the best known sound to man. I believe in shooting stars. I believe in Big Foot.  I believe in living life to the fullest. I believe laughing is the best kind of workout.

I believe in miracles.

And I now, believe in me.

mckenna k. xx

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How to Shop for Previously-Loved Books.

(photo source)
Ever since I could read to myself, I haven’t stopped. Not for a single second. Starting with Goodnight Moon and If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, and eventually graduating into Great Gatsby and True Colors, I was completely captivated by the world of books. As much as I love buying a brand new book with that brand new book smell (my kind of “new car smell”), I also love the thrill of finding a gem in a previously-loved book store (yes, I mean used but when I use that word, my mind fills with images of pushy car salesmen and greasy hair..).

Sometimes I love to just walk into a book store and take a deep breath. That atmosphere seems to instantly clear my mind, and I can forget the world for those few moments. So, here are my tips for a newbie to the used bookstore scene. Enjoy!

1. Grab a Random Book:

This technique never seems to fail me. Every once in a while, I enter a random aisle, close my eyes, pick up a random book, and buy it without giving it a second. This may sound like a risk, but more often than not, I find a fantastic gem. This is actually how I discovered Lev Grossman (think along the lines of Harry Potter and Narnia), who is now one of my favorite authors.

2.      Search in a Section You Normally Wouldn’t:

One time, I walked into the most random section ever: Bird Watching. Yes, I never really gave it a second thought as I was looking through the shelves, when I found a book on how to beat writer’s block.


In the bird watching section!

Sometimes, the previously-loved bookstore owners or customers for that matter, will shove a random book in a random spot for the next owner to find. And I am telling you, I’ve used that writer’s block book, more times than I could count. :)

3.      Look for Books that Inspire You:

One time, I bought a book (for $2) because of the cover. I literally took it home and ripped off the cover and added it to my inspiration folder. :) It may sound crazy but at an incredibly cheap price and a easy way to get it, books can easily be you’re new inspiration. <3

mckenna k. xx

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Now I Know.

My inspiring, strong, beautiful grandmother & I :)

     While we were sitting on the camp deck, enjoying the sunshine and crisp wind, my grandmother handed her latest book over and asked me if I minded reading a few pages in it. She is reading "This I Know," by Suzannah Conway and she told me this certain section, filled with traveling, photography and self-acceptance, reminded her of me. :) In the passage there was a quote by one of the author's tour guides named Aziz, on her trip to Marrakesh which stated, "People in a hurry are already dead."
     I found a strong truth in these words for some reason, and it made me start to think about all the times *enter scene of me starting dreamily off into the sunshine, and watery flashback scenes,* I had breezed passed opportunities and ruined great situations with my aniexty. Also, with the passing of a dear family friend this month, I have also been thinking about what kind of legacy I am leaving on this Earth; when I die, what will I be remember for? So, sometimes, it's okay to let go of the reins and just plain relax. :)
     I am planning to attempt this mindset throughout the summer; sometimes, I just need to let it all go in order to have great things come my way.
     mckenna k. xx

Monday, July 9, 2012


      This kind of photo isn't that rare for me. Whenever someone puts a camera up to my face, I unconsciously throw up a silly hand sign and plaster some sort of wacky expression on my face. This certain one made me giggle when I saw it; my younger cousin must have shot it when she stole my grandmother's camera.. :) I am hardly ever serious in photos, and I totally regret this when it comes to blogging or tweeting, or anything for that matter, because when I am looking for a photo to accompany one of my posts or to frame, etc. I can only find me with my tongue sticking out!
      Anyway, my family and friends have resorted to taking discreet pictures with their iPhones or pretend to take pictures of the scenery when they are actually snapping a quick pick of me.

     This shot, my grandmother shot real fast while I was messing around on my iPad. I didn't realize she was shooting pictures at all, but she's usually like that. The Official Family Paparazzi, that one. :) And instead of giggling that this one, I actually gasped because of how it looked.
      Don't get my wrong, I love having my photo taken but I usually prefer to know ahead of time, be able to direct the shooting, and approve of the outcome prefer to get a heads up. (Wow. That first write sounded like I was a control freak. Re-write = much better.)

see you soon bloggers!
mckenna k. xx

Sunday, July 8, 2012

If You're Willing to Bet...

     Usually during these annual family vacations, I have a blast goofing around with my cousins watching animated movies, racing around the deck with Hot Wheels cars, and playing hide & seek. However, as many years as I get older, they do too and we have to find more "tween" games to play.
      So right before their bedtime one night, I dared them both to a race around the camp, and we had a bet going. If one of my cousins Bella, won. I would have to braid my cousin, Kobi's hair and Bella would get to do crazy makeup on me the next morning. Needless to say, she won (by a longshot! that girl can run!) and Kobi and I had to fall through on our bets.

My fantastic makeup job. Seriously. I might wear it like this more often.

Kobi was a little less willing to fufill his end of the bet. It took me much convincing and a little bit of help from my Uncle, who stated the famous quote of the day; "If you're willing to bet, you have to be willing to pay for it." This got him to at least satrt my work. :) He squirmed and screeched worse than a little girl but I finally got them done! He yanked 'em out quickly afterwards but not before I got some pictures. ;)

     So, even though families can annoy you or make you want to pull out your hair from time to time, it's the little moments you'll remember forever :)

mckenna k. xx

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Two Goofballs' Attempt at Picture Taking

     As I mentioned before, I am in the middle (actually, nearing the end) of my family's tradition week. We've had a lot of fun, and like always, I don't want it to end. Soon, we will say goodbye to the smell of sea water, late nights around the campfire, and each other's great company (I will also have to save goodbye to my Uncle's amazing Jeep Wrangler, but that's another story about star crossed lovers... :))

      I was attempting to take my younger, goofy (as you can see) cousin's picture but he is stubborn as a mule (just like me, in that department) and would not let me take his picture. I had taken almost everyone else in the family's picture that day at the beach and I had to have at least one.
     However, he thought this was funny and this situation quickly became a game for us :)

      In the end, I had to practically put the kid in a head lock in order to get his picture but I liked the outcome. :)

      Being surrounded by the great, sometimes-goofy and sometimes-hard-to-get-along-with people that I love is the greatest way to spend my summer. :)

enjoy the sunshine!
mckenna k. xx

The final outcome :)