Thursday, July 5, 2012

{Family Traditions}


      So, right now I am in mid-week of our annual family camping trip. Every year, every one in the family from littlest cousin to the great aunts and uncles flock to our camp on the coast and enjoy each others company while trying out new restaurants and roasting marshmellows around the campfire. :) Something about walking barefoot on the schorching black top, reading fashion magazines poolside and the smell of suntan lotion feels like home to me.

       Even though I am having a BLAST pigging out on my uncle's famous breakfast feasts and shopping along the pier, I have not been nearly as productive as I would like to be. All my supplies for my DIYs sit lonely in the corner, screaming my name, but I am having fun with the go-go-go of my younger cousins, I'm not worried. :) I have an entire summer to be prodcutive and inventive! For right now, I am going to enjoy my great company, develop a nice tan (finally!), and relax to my heart's content. :)

see ya soon.
mckenna k. xx


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