Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Now I Know.

My inspiring, strong, beautiful grandmother & I :)

     While we were sitting on the camp deck, enjoying the sunshine and crisp wind, my grandmother handed her latest book over and asked me if I minded reading a few pages in it. She is reading "This I Know," by Suzannah Conway and she told me this certain section, filled with traveling, photography and self-acceptance, reminded her of me. :) In the passage there was a quote by one of the author's tour guides named Aziz, on her trip to Marrakesh which stated, "People in a hurry are already dead."
     I found a strong truth in these words for some reason, and it made me start to think about all the times *enter scene of me starting dreamily off into the sunshine, and watery flashback scenes,* I had breezed passed opportunities and ruined great situations with my aniexty. Also, with the passing of a dear family friend this month, I have also been thinking about what kind of legacy I am leaving on this Earth; when I die, what will I be remember for? So, sometimes, it's okay to let go of the reins and just plain relax. :)
     I am planning to attempt this mindset throughout the summer; sometimes, I just need to let it all go in order to have great things come my way.
     mckenna k. xx

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