Monday, July 9, 2012


      This kind of photo isn't that rare for me. Whenever someone puts a camera up to my face, I unconsciously throw up a silly hand sign and plaster some sort of wacky expression on my face. This certain one made me giggle when I saw it; my younger cousin must have shot it when she stole my grandmother's camera.. :) I am hardly ever serious in photos, and I totally regret this when it comes to blogging or tweeting, or anything for that matter, because when I am looking for a photo to accompany one of my posts or to frame, etc. I can only find me with my tongue sticking out!
      Anyway, my family and friends have resorted to taking discreet pictures with their iPhones or pretend to take pictures of the scenery when they are actually snapping a quick pick of me.

     This shot, my grandmother shot real fast while I was messing around on my iPad. I didn't realize she was shooting pictures at all, but she's usually like that. The Official Family Paparazzi, that one. :) And instead of giggling that this one, I actually gasped because of how it looked.
      Don't get my wrong, I love having my photo taken but I usually prefer to know ahead of time, be able to direct the shooting, and approve of the outcome prefer to get a heads up. (Wow. That first write sounded like I was a control freak. Re-write = much better.)

see you soon bloggers!
mckenna k. xx

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