Sunday, September 30, 2012

Serendipity. At Its Best.

A couple weekends ago, I went vintage shopping. If you know me at all, you will know that thirfting/vintage shopping/digging through bins of awesome retro crap (whatever you want to call it), is one of my all-time favorite things to do. So, when my grandmother brought up the idea of spending the majority of our weekend  browsing some of our favorite vintage locations, I couldn't resist. 

clothing info; denim top // maurices, scarves // vintage ;), jean vest // silver jeans co.
on my nails // brash red hot & revoln god coin

now, the three major things I gravitate towards anywhere vintage-y, are clothes, records and books. Hands down. This one particular trip, I hadn't planned on finding much- maybe a new book to curl up with or a nice frame- but boy, was I wrong. 

I found one of my best vintage finds.. EVER.

I found these unbelievable scraves in a little basket labeled "$3 Scarves."
I went mental.
I mean, look at them! They are gorg-e-ous and there was no way in this Universe that I was going to leave them there :) Its kind of cool when you find something you weren't even looking for and it brightens up your life (and your wardrobe!).

I challenge you to find your "Serendipitous" moment in something as simply as two really cheap, vintage scarves. <3

all my love,
mckenna k. xx

Saturday, September 29, 2012

My {Official} Return. ;)

I am such a bad blogger. I know. 
I promised my return about a month ago, posted a few things and then I was back to square one. 

I got thinking one day, I didn't want to look back in a year, and say "Remember when I was a blogger?"  So this time, I am SERIOUSLY returning. I have posts planned out, and ready to go. And I am planning to take time out of each day to get AT LEAST a post done a day. 

So, I PINKY PROMISE on all the Boybands in the world that I will be popping up everyday. :) 

You'll probably get sick of me ;)
mckenna k. xx 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

I Am Happy.

Lately, along with finding myself, I have become happy. 

I have been  finding beauty in the little things.

I find myself smiling for no reason.

And I am enjoying every second of it.

wishing you all the happiness in the world,
mckenna k. xx

photo cred; Amber Walker

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

{Brave Wednesday.}

So I know I promised my return last Saturday, but I got stressed, tired AND sick, so blogging got the back-burner treatment once again. However, now that I am slowly feeling better, but I have absolutely no energy to do anything else, here it sit, blogging.

 As I am sure you know by now (seriously, I'd be sick of myself by now), I working my way out of my self-consciousness and making my self feel beautiful and like myself again. So, on a day when I received horrible treatment from who I thought was my best friend, I forced myself to get out of the house (and my self-pity) and have a good day.
      Now, the mall used to be my least favorite place to be, but I got brave and went by myself. Yup, you read that right. I am the type of person who loves to stuff with people not by myself, and I sometimes need another person to bounce feelings, ideas, and impulsive buys off of. But, I told myself I would have fun and I learned two key things.

gorgeous skirt at Charotte Russe.
Numbah 1. Shopping by yourself can be hard. I am the type of person who second guesses almost anything, so when you're by yourself, you don't have that extra person to ask,"Does this look okay?" or "I'm not even sure I like it.. Whabout you?"
Sweater dresses are a MUST for my wardrobe.
However, after I got used to this, I rather liked it. It got me to try on crazy things I wouldn't even look at with friends (and I ended up liking them), and I made my own decisions without using someone else as the excuse for why I didn't buy them.

crazy, STUDDED shoes that only came
 IN MY SIZE. (I didn't not buy them however,
due to their complete impractical-ness.)
 Numero Dos. Being on a mall date with yourself, can in fact, be fun. At first you compare yourself to the cut couples and the girls that looked like the stepped off of a magazine cover, but once you get in the groove of I-am-going-to-be-happy-and-try-on-anything-while-jamming-out-to-One-Direction (yes, One Direction) mood, you have fun. 
       Aaand, I felt incredibly secure in my own skin, and weirdly, I also felt beautiful.
       Shopping-1, Staying-At-Home-0.
my love for peacocks has gone too far.

my inner diva wants this needs this.
 I am going to add in a bonus life-lesson here, and say, Sephora's is an incredibly dangerous place to be when your by yourself. You want EVERYTHING. Trust me. Even the most insensible color of lipstick calls your name.

There. Extra bonus, done.
next lip color, I will own you soooon.

next fragrance purchase? i think yes! 
 I have decided that I am going to have a weekly date with myself. Whether that be at the mall, coffee shop, book store, or a movie, I can't wait to have my own mini-adventures. :) So, be on the look out for "Brave Wednesday" posts <3

all my love,
mckenna k. xx
I will end with this. He is very secure with himself.
My role model. ;)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

My Return :)

Hello lovelies!

I wanted to just post something real quick, apologizing for my leave of absence. My life has been ridiculously busy and I swear, I have been living on the best roller coaster at Six Flags.

SO, unfortunately, blogging took quite the back burner these last couple of weeks, but I am also here to tell you that.. I'M BAAACK. :)

all my love,
mckenna k. xx