Sunday, March 31, 2013

Let's Get Re-Acquainted!

So I may or may not have completely neglected my blog for the past few months... I could give the old, cliched lame excuses of business or just plain laziness, but I figure if Justin Timberlake can take a break after N'SYNC and still have a major career comeback, so can I, so here's a currently post to get us re-acquainted.

What's New; My life has been pretty much a whirlwind of good news & exciting stuff. New car and new phone (granted, I had to completely shatter my iPhone & sob in a parking lot over it to get this new said iPhone 5 buuut), good news for the summer, and making ridiculous (but fun) plans for the future. I am literally very excited as I type this.
And running. Running is new (again), but this time it is going to stick ;)

Reading; I have been in one of those major reading funks where I can get through about 3 chapters (or half of the way) through a novel and I cannot (and I mean CANNOT) finish it for the life of me. These times completely annoy me, especially when I just want to chill out & read. But oh well, fingers crossed I abort this non-reading mission soon.

Watching; I have been watching many, many movies lately. And I mean many. Everything from Les Mis (which is one of the most genius movies I've seen in a while) to the finale in the Twilight Saga (also quite amazing). I have also been watching countless YouTube videos and I am currently being persuaded to start watching the Supernatural series by a new friend, which I will mostly likely fall in love with more non-existent people and become obsessed with yet another series. But hey! Why else do they give us great TV shows?

Thinking about; SUMMER. My summer plans are getting ridiculous, but it the best possible way. Many road trips, many days planned to be at the beach, many good times I can see ahead, and I literally can not wait.

Eating; Lately, I have been *attempting to eat more healthy than normal. Salads, greek yogurt, cutting out sweets as much as possible. However, I have had quite a few "cheats" lately. Thanks Five Guys, Easter, and friend's with birthdays!

Wishing for; An English Bulldog puppy. Yes, you read that right. I want a puppy soooo bad, it's awful. Well, actually, I want two. I even have their names picked out. I have a problem.

Listening to; Ed Sheeran. Ed Sheeran. and oh yeah, Ed Sheeran. I was going through  my old posts and I obviously will never get over this boy because he's all I've been listening to for the past 10 months.. But on the rare moment I haven't been listening to him, I've been listening to Mumford & Sons, Sleeping with Sirens, Lana del Rey, Hoodie Allen, Phillip Phillips, The Wombats, Nevershoutnever (oldie, but a goodie), Grace Potter & the Nocturnals, and MCR just to name a few. (I literally just looked at my Top 25 Most Played list on my iPhone.. lol)

enjoy this month lovelies!
mckenna k. xx