Sunday, July 8, 2012

If You're Willing to Bet...

     Usually during these annual family vacations, I have a blast goofing around with my cousins watching animated movies, racing around the deck with Hot Wheels cars, and playing hide & seek. However, as many years as I get older, they do too and we have to find more "tween" games to play.
      So right before their bedtime one night, I dared them both to a race around the camp, and we had a bet going. If one of my cousins Bella, won. I would have to braid my cousin, Kobi's hair and Bella would get to do crazy makeup on me the next morning. Needless to say, she won (by a longshot! that girl can run!) and Kobi and I had to fall through on our bets.

My fantastic makeup job. Seriously. I might wear it like this more often.

Kobi was a little less willing to fufill his end of the bet. It took me much convincing and a little bit of help from my Uncle, who stated the famous quote of the day; "If you're willing to bet, you have to be willing to pay for it." This got him to at least satrt my work. :) He squirmed and screeched worse than a little girl but I finally got them done! He yanked 'em out quickly afterwards but not before I got some pictures. ;)

     So, even though families can annoy you or make you want to pull out your hair from time to time, it's the little moments you'll remember forever :)

mckenna k. xx

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