Saturday, August 18, 2012

Signed, Sealed, Delivered.

credit; Amber Walker
Exactly a month ago today, I started writing a "currently" post, and if you check any blogs of the likes of Danielle's or Maria's, you know that it is the "currently" time of the month again!
     Since I had so much fun doing it last month, I figured I would make it into a once-a-month series to keep you updated on all things McKenna: my likes, hopes, and what it is I am dreading (if you haven't been reading my perpetual amount of tweets lately..).

What's new; Working out. Yup. You read that right, and I am sure you are now about to, either a) have a heart attack or b) laughing at the computer screen, because McKenna K just does not work out. However, this month I forced myself to start running.. and I actually liked it.
     Yup. You read that right too. So, to meet my inspired-awesome-quote quota of the month, I will say this, if you have been dreading to work out or you don't think you will like it, DO IT. Because if a self-declared exercise-hater like myself can do it, you can too :)

Reading; Now I know this is going to sound utterly ridiculous, but I have yet to read a "great" book since Fault in Our Stars, (you can read my review here). And by "great," I don't mean my typical turn-brain-off-and-read kid of genre.
      I read the last installment of the Maximum Ride series, which was pretty depressing considering those books were like my childhood, and I finally broke down and bought Royally Crushed, which is a book about a girl who falls in love with a prince of a small European country (yes, I know. So cliche for me, but hey before you judge me, it was actually pretty good).
      However, I think my next read has "great" potential: The Shell Seekers, which I have gotten countless good reviews on. :)

Watching; I have been pretty much watching all the same shows from my last post-- Bunheads (which took a weird turn, so I might not be watching this much longer..), White Collar (it hasn't been too great this season), Covert Affairs, and Teen Mom.
     I have also been watching So You Think You Can Dance, of which I have been a huge fan since... *what feels like* forever. I literally had my first cry-during-a-dance moment this year. So. Good.
     Lastly, I have been watching every. single. interview. of Robert Pattinson. If you have no clue why I am so sad for him, then you must be living a) in the woods and you have just escaped or b) under a rock.

Thinking about; Lately, my mind has been in overdrive. I have been thinking about so much.. haha. Everything from blog posts to dying my hair, when I should clean my room to how to mend arguments with friends, and tabloid drama to my future, has been swirling around in my head in a great ball of mumbo-jumbo. I seriously need to chill.. brb, gonna go work on that. :)

Eating; I am officially a VEGETARIAN!! Last time I did this post, I was attempting (and not succeeding) to become a non-meat eater, but now I can say that for 34 DAYS, I have been a veggie-head. (GO ME!!)
     That being said, probably my greatest find for vegetarian food have been these spinach "chicken" nuggets. They seriously taste good and you don't even miss McDonald's.

Wishing for; Many, many things-- to finish some DIY projects, to make it to the Jonas Brothers one-time-only reunion concert (I LOVED them when they were big), to have a smooth sailing year, to decide what I am going to do in the future, to volunteer more, to travel travel travel, to fall in love, to be more self-confident, to be open to meeting new people, and to work out more!

Listening to; ED SHEERAN. I have seriously been listening to this guy on non-stop replay. And I don't think that will be ending any time soon :) I would also tell you what my favorite tracks are from his debut album +, but that would be all of them.. and that would just take up to much room.
     I also have been listening to We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift; I am a die-hard Taylor Swift fan, but when I heard the title of this new single, I was a little leery. However, I now can't get the DARN THING OUT OF MY HEAD, and I will never be hesitant to another one of her tunes. :)

I seriously wrote this at 3:40 in the morning... while singing We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together...
mckenna k. xx

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