Thursday, August 23, 2012

Whichever Way the Wind Blows.

 If you have been reading my blog any length of time, you know that I often struggle with insecurity issues. I go through rough patches were I am incredibly negative and no fun to be around (just ask my family).
     Lately, I have been doing much better, and I have been starting to see myself in a new light.  A good light, and I could get used to it.

 My mother and I have been planning to do a collaboration for ages; she takes amazing photographs (as I am sure you can tell), and I love the styling/modeling side. We also have the benefit of living extremely close to the ocean. So, when you throw that into one big cocktail, you get the closest thing to perfection!
       This was the first time I had picked out outfits, modeled them and listened to the direction of someone else behind the camera, and we had a blast! She is a freakin' expert photographer (she took almost 800 shots, so be prepared for many, many blog posts), and together, we had great direction!
        So, here is to the newest mother/daughter collaboration: McAmber! (The title is still a major work in progress...)

This photoshoot also helped me in other areas than my artistic blogging. I actually felt really beautiful when I looked through the shots and I felt like me, again. So, I encourage you to do something outside of your comfort zone, and you might be surpirsed on how much you come out of your shell. :)

mckenna k. xx

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  1. You are beautiful! Gorgeous. Time for me to post :)