Monday, August 6, 2012

My Top 5 Indie Movies.

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An Indie picture for an Indie post.
Lately, I have been listening to, watching, and wearing things that aren't completely mainstream. For some reason, I have been pretty much obsessing over finding stuff other people have never heard of. I am weird, I know.
     So, here are my top 5 Indie/Sundance movies that I have found so far. Enjoy! :)

5. (500) Days of Summer
    This movie is on this list for one reason, and one reason only. The soundtrack. My best friend warned me that this movie was boring, slow moving, and had no real conclusion (and all of those were proved to be true), but I have a rule that if Zooey Deschanel is in a movie, I'm seeing it.
    However, the movie in general completely lost my interest within the first 20 minutes and I was easily lost within the music. Seriously, whenever you put The Smiths, She & Him, and Black Lips on one album, you are asking for a Billboard number one.

4. Exit Through The Gift Shop
     If you have been checking my blog or following my tweets for any length time, you will know that I am a self-proclaimed Graffiti Junkie. So, when I originally heard that this film was about and produced by the great and mysterious Banksy, I immediately wanted to watch this film. However, I was expecting something entirely different than what it was.
      If you haven't seen this movie, it is about a shop-keeper turned film-maker (who eventually turns into the "artist" Mr. Brainwash) who follows around the famous street artists of our time. Claiming he is making a movie about the art of graffiti, he eventually becomes Banksy's sort-of-kind-of apprentice (And how come this wasn't me?!), and the rest is history from there.
      Even though it was incredibly different than I had originally suspected it to be, I actually really enjoyed seeing both points of view of a street artist: one out for the money and fame, and the other doing it for the love of art and political statements.

3. Salmon Fishing in Yemen
    Now at first glance, you may be thinking "What?!" but this movie was both surprisingly good and entertaining.
     Starring the great Emily Blunt and Ewan McGregor, this movie has you rooting for the impossible and for true love. Weirdly, it actually was a feel-good kind of movie, and not one you couldn't believe you sat through the whole thing when it was finished.
      I also want Fred to be miraculously real and younger. And to be in love with me. (Watch the movie, you'll understand).

2. Art of Getting By
    Now this one, I could literally write a book on. I had anticipated this one since I saw the trailer pop up on YouTube once while I was jamming out to Ellie Goulding, and I immediately wanted to see it. However, the ending left me pondering;  Do I like it? Do I hate it? In the end, the love won out.
     This movie follows one artsy teen's misadventures through high school. Even though the ending irked me slightly, I still loved it. I mean, if you put Freddie Highmore in ANY movie, I will probably watch it.

1. Take Me Home
    This one takes the cake by a long shot. I was flipping through OnDemand one night, trying to find a half-decent movie that I haven't seen yet, when I stumbled across this one. When I plugged it into Rotten Tomatoes, it had amazing reviews and it was a Sundance winner. The perfect cocktail for a good movie.
    And this one didn't disappoint. It was written and directed by the same guy (Sam Jaeger) who acted as the main character and his wife plays his love interest! I mean, how much more perfect can you make this movie?!
     Watch it. Seriously. You're missing out until you have.

enjoy the un-ordinary,
mckenna k. xx

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  1. I loved Take Me Home and now I want to see Salmon Fishing in Yemen. Great post!