Saturday, August 4, 2012

{Room Makeover Revealed}

If you have been following my tweets, you will have noticed that last week, I did a complete room overhaul. My room had been cluttered and overall overwhelming but after 6 hours of hard work and throwing away all I could bare to part with (which turned out to be a lot actually), my room looked freakin' fantastic.




This was a big moment for me. I threw out all of my empty Shaun White gum packages. I was turning into a hoarder. 

Now here's the final product! I pretty much am in love with it :) 

These shelves allowed me to store my endless library of book and show of my artwork. The travel case was made for my Sweet Sixteen by Amber Walker, aka my mom. We are a pretty artistic family. :)

My best thrifting buy of the season! This chair was only.. actually guess! It was only $4!! Crazy, right? I am in freakin' love with this thing. 

Overall look :)
mckenna k. xx

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