Tuesday, August 28, 2012

{Nerd Chic.}

Okay. SO.
I have braces. Yup.

I have always been crazy self-conscious when it came to my teeth. I had the weird "Vampire teeth" that I acquired after being a wimp when I was a kid (when it came to wiggly teeth.) and my gap never filled in.
Sooooo... it was time to fix those suckers! ;)

A totally "Eunice" worthy picture.. If you don't get this reference, you are seriously deprived.
I debated over the color for weeks! I started with the obvious first choice: pink, but then quickly decided that was cliche and too girly.. Then, I had my mind set on red (my bedroom walls are painted the obnoxious red for a reason), and that one was soon shot down, due to the fact I wear hardly any red. 
You bet I went through every color of the rainbow before coming to the conclusion. 
 I decided on blue. A versatile, easy-to-wear, and my new-favorite-color blue. :)

And one of these times I am totally going to talk them into putting a different color on each one ;)

I have been slowly starting to accept the new addition to my face.. The first few days were AWFUL. I felt ugly & not myself at all.
However, after I went to one of my dearest friends' birthday party one night this week, I had so much fun and felt myself again. So much in fact, that I forgot I had braces :)
So, for 18 MONTHS-- Woohoo, for jewelry in my mouth! (I should market that.)

My braces mini-photoshoot soon turned me into a diva. Note to self: Don't play Maroon 5, Nicki Minaj and Queen while taking pictures... And I can't believe I just admit that I listen to the Minaj...
 On that note!

mckenna k. xx


  1. The first and the last pictures are my absolute favorites! You are beautiful. And I am seriously deprived...who is Eunice?

  2. Haha! She is a character from one of my favorite movies, She's The Man. :)