Monday, August 13, 2012

Confidence. In the Form of Pants.

On a recent shopping trip with a good friend, I spotted these beauties.

Now, before I begin to tell you the greatest love story ever told, you have to understand my friend and I's shopping style. We are both the kind who love to find the most hideous pants and dresses and then... try them on.

Now this mind sound wierd to some people, but trust me, after a bad day/week/month you might just need to make fun of yourself in ugly clothing and laugh it out with the best of friends.
So, when we both spotted these snazzy pants at the exact same time (in different colors, of course), we weren't sure whether to be laughing at their pure awfulness or to be in love with them
Our knee-jerk reaction was to hate them, so we had to try them on for a good laugh.

However, after we had them on... We ended up both loving them.
Weird, right?
We both bought them, and promised we would wear them, no matter what people would say! And I can honestly say I have!
Who cares what people think?! I freakin' love them, so I am going to wear them. (This has kind of been my mantra lately.. I am starting to like the new confident-in-myself me.)

So, I challenge you to try on that crazy print dress or the wacky hat.
Because a surprising amount of confidence may just come with your purchase. :)

mckenna k. xx

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  1. I love them too! Hey, it took me into my fifties to learn to wear what I love. Good for you!