Saturday, August 11, 2012

Fall 2012 Dream Wardrobe.

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Since the newest issues of my fashion magazines are arriving with thick bindings and SEPTEMBER printed across the from like a smile, I have been completely lusting over many, many, many of the clothes in them. Some of these I literally gasped over! I mean those shoes?! And that Anthro top?! To DIE for! In the best way possible :)
And how could you pass up those John Lennon-inspired sunnies (at a steal-price at $5.80, the cheapest thing by a long shot on this wish list..)?! I also must be very in to this new "peplum" trend... And a Topshop freak..

I just thought I would share my picks for my absolute dream closet. :) Enjoy!

honestly (in love with these clothes!),
mckenna k. xx


  1. Love this one! The green/pink shoes are my favorite!

  2. I like the simplicity, then the pops of color!