Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Feeling of Accomplishment.

In a recent post, I said that I was definitely and absolutely going to become a vegetarian. And a little over two weeks ago today, I did it! It has been a whole 16 days since I have eaten meat and I feel great. I feel healthier, I snack less, and I am overwhelmingly proud of myself.

On my recent road trip, I discovered this vegetarian cafe called Sprouts, that served all locally-grown foods.  and I instantly feel in love when I walked in. Art covers the walls, the smell of fresh coffee greets you immediately, and there is no temptation of eating meat. Okay, well there is organic "vegetarian-fed" burgers and BLTs but other than that.. :)

awesome skateboard art.


more art and scenery.

menu and bar.

local soda that was too good for my own good.

mckenna k. xx

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