Friday, June 29, 2012

The Thoughts of a DIYer

Hey bloggers!
   I am a traveling girl today (again!) so I thought I would share some of my ideas from the magical abyss, I call my brain. :)

   During my road trip adventures, I spent a day in the Big Apple and we stopped through a street market. I actually gasped when I saw the shirt on the right. I thought it looked so cool, but when I looked at it, I noticed it was made out of pretty chitnzy fabric, was way over priced, and to make matters worse the vender was incredibly pushy, making me uncomfortable. So, you can bet I walked away faster than I could say, "No thanks!"
   However, before I walked away completely I took a picture discreetly and I was already planning out how I was going to DIY it :) I guess, I am in the permanent DIYer mindset.

   The other top, is one I have coveted on the Anthropolgie website for ages! It is their squeezebox top in white and it was originally $48. However, the more I looked at it, I realized it looked pretty easy to make myself, and by the time I wanted to buy this particular shirt, they were sold out (you can buy the original in navy here). I did my research and I actually found another DIY blog that posted almost the same tutorial (you can check out how Sarah did this DIY here). I am going to do mine a little differently, and it will only cost slightly under $7! AND it is already in the works! :)

   I have been in the DIYers mindset for sometime now, and I am not going back to my shopaholic ways anytime soon! I am realzing that I can make pretty much anything for a signifficant lower price and look more my style!

   Keep any eye out for these DIYs! 
   mckenna k. xx

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