Monday, June 18, 2012

Road Trip Day 2: The Luxe Life.

On today's journey, I stumbled by a brochure that featured the Red Bank of New Jersey, and it promised "shoppers would delight in the fabulous array of boutiques," and it listed off everything from everything from antique shops to amazing cafes. And I instantly knew I needed to head here on my trip. :)

When I finally arrived there, filled the parking meter, and started to walk down the brick sidewalks, I knew the brochure hadn't been fabricated in the least. There were so many cool & funky shops lining the sidewalks and the first store I went into, I immediately fell in love. They had gorgeous displays of all types, book shelves lining the walls, and everything seemed to be exactly my style. After looking around for a while, I had left the store to explore more of the city, without buying a thing.
Little did I know, this was the very store I've been lusting over for several months; looking at their clothes in fashion magazines and frequently checking their website.

Urban Outfitters.

I hadn't looked at the sign on top of store when I walked in, but when I was walking down the adjacent street, I happened to look across and see the sign.
Needless to say, I ran back into the store faster than you could say Urban Outfitters. :)

There were also a ton of super cute shops that I loved. Funk & Standard was another stand out. It had old arcade games in the back, stacks of records, racks & racks of adorable clothes, and on top of all that, it had a smoothie bar! There was another throw-back store that screamed me; it was called Backward Glance and the entire, little store was covered head-to-toe in 80's memorabilia and clothes (completed with many Madonna-esque tutus). I think I actually gasped when I walked in. :) Over priced as it was, I found vintage black-and-white postcards that would go great with my room decor. :)
Last but not least, there was a very high-end, luxury store that had actual Louboutins in the window! This was the closest I've ever been to them, and I had to take a picture. Tourist, I know. :)

Overall, this Red Bank place is down-right amazing; great food, great shopping, and great weather. Plus, i found a little bit of graffiti along the way. :) Every city or town I visit, I fall even more in love with this state.
Keep checking back here for more updates of my road trip! :)
see ya tomorrow,
mckenna k. xx

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  1. Another fabulous post! Perhaps these road trips will turn into something even bigger later. Another Charles Kerault. Do you even know who he is ? Chuckle. Showing my age. I think he is the one who traveled around the US meeting people. Okay, you are meeting places:)