Thursday, June 28, 2012

Take Pictures of Random Things.

Hey bloggers and DIY goddesses!
    I know I orignally promised a bunch of DIY projects this week, however it has been raining NON STOP. Seriously. Today has been the first day where you can actually step outside for a minute and not come back in looking like a drowned rat! Back to the apologizing-- this rain is making me unmotivated and many of my DIY projects have been taking a back seat to my vegging out of the sofa and watching countless movies. :)
   Anywho, I have started a few of some mini-DIY's and one big one! The big one should be up soon, and it will include my first ever DIY video along with it (can I get a booyah?!)! But since there are many different things to this project and each them takes quite a bit of time, I decided to take some time today and take pictures of random things at my grandparents' house. :) This was suprisingly really fun, and it gave me an excuse to play around with my grandmother's SLR camera (a Olympus SP-800Uz). :)
   Here are just some of the cool pictures I captured! Enjoy, and I challege you to do the same! It actually helped me come out of my rainy-day, nonproductive funk! :)
   Be on the lookout for soon-to-be posted DIYs!! (i promise!)

 no filter or anytype of editing on this one! i was so proud of myself, *tear, tear* :)

 vintage sewing machine

the macrame bracelet I made during one of my movie marathons. See?! I was semi-productive! ;)

 one of my favorite tea cups <3

see you soon!
mckenna k. xx

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