Thursday, June 21, 2012

{Road Trip: Impromptu}

Hey bloggers!
So instead of following up my seemingly boring day with a boring but relaxing night, I decided to take a mini-road trip and find a beach to take some photos. However, my GPS decided my mini-road trip was going to be a big adventure, because it took me about a hour and a half away on Staten Island!

Ninety minutes crazy traffic, beautiful bridges, and gorgeous scenery later, and I finally found a pretty secluded beach. I was shocked at how beautiful it was! The ocean was amazing and I got fantastic pictures, so I guess the crazy road-trip-turned-adventure was worth it! :) and I had to share my little journey with you!

see ya tomorrow,
mckenna k. xx

p.s. I found a pretty cool heart-shaped rock. :) (and yes, I realize I look like a dork.)

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  1. Oh these pics are great! Sounds like so much fun:)