Sunday, June 10, 2012

Photo a Day #4: Week in Review

This week has been a pretty eventful first week of summer!

~Photo info:
*Wrote for four hours straight // and it felt gooood!
*Took a bagillion photos // endless photoshoots are the only way to kick off summer!
*Chopped my gorgeous hair off // and I actually kind of love it
*Helped my grandmother plant her garden // and had to stop for a prime photo opportunity :)
*Best. News. Ever. // Miley & Liam got engaged! I have no idea why I am so happy about this..
*Dabbled in tea dying on of my white skirts // round #1-- not so good, round #2-- better :)
*AND Elsie Larson noticed my boots on Twitter! // I legit had a happy-dance party when I woke up to this email :) check out her blog at!
see ya tomorrow! mckenna k. xx

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