Sunday, June 17, 2012

Road Trip Day 1: When in Rome..

  So bloggers, today was my first road trip day that I wasn't a) sitting in a car, driving for many hours straight or b) packing for said car ride, and I made it to my first stop on my road trip checklist!
  New Jersey is (surprisingly) amazing! I already want to move there (I already have my apartment building picked out) and when I die, have my ashes spread there, but that's another story.. :)

  Our first stop when we reached Hoboken (the best city in the world, in my opinion) was Carlos Bakery! If you have ever seen the TLC show, "Cake Boss," you understand why I had to stop here. :) I have always wanted to make a trip to see where it all is, and I have finally completed that task!
  No Buddy himself was not there, but I did get to meet his stunt double! ;)

  After the excitement and organized chaos of Carlos', I walked down the streets and I fell even more in love. I found inspiration in every corner from endless flower bouquet stands in the streets to alley ways that made me want to explore. :) After a while of walking, I spotted a cute little store that carried some label stuff AND was having a 80% off sale on everything in the store (score!) and there was no way I could resist. They had endless pairs of shoes lining the walls for around $20 each; I was in heaven!
  I tried on many pairs --not having much luck because I have such large feet-- until I found Them. Yup. The notorious cheetah "Jersey-style" platform shoes. 

  It was love at first sight. <3 Even though they aren't very particularly my style (not to mention I can hardly walk in them--yet), they fit like a glove and I must say, looked quite fantastic. They might end up sitting on my shelf as a trophy or appear frequently in photoshoots, but I figured when in Rome (or Jersey, in my case)... :)

  This day has been a great kick-off to my road-tripping week; I had the best Fettucini Alfredo in my life, indulged in Ben & Jerry's and fell in love with a city I never knew existed! Keep checking my blog for daily reviews of my sight-seeing, wicked thrifting experiences, ceaseless eating, and much more!
  see ya tomorrow lovelies, 
  mckenna k. xx


  1. This is a fantastic blogpost, my girl! Great photos and great writing.

    And the shoes are amazing!!

    Love the pics and so glad you are having a blast.

  2. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.