Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Stuck in Her Daydream: Fall Playlist

After getting so much attention for my Wish U Were Here: Summer Playlist, I decided to make this whole playlist thing a seasonal thing, so here I am! However, this time I am doing specfic artists or albums because some of these would be virtually impossible to choose a single song.

They do it again. I have been a Maroon 5-fan since "She Will Be Loved" and I don't think they are going to produce anything I don't love. I can legit listen to all of these songs for hours without getting bored. So. Good. My favorite tracks are "One More Night" and  "Sad."
Check them oooout.

This pick is probably cheating, because this record hasn't left my record player since I got it last Christmas. However, I cannot stop listening to them. Marcus' voice, mixed with their crazy-but-amazing style of strumming a guitar is just pure genius. Their new single, "I Will Wait" is so addicting and so s-o-g-double-d good ;)

This one is probably, also a cheating pick. But c'moooon, its Queen! My aunt was the one who distilled my love of the 80's and especially Queen in my blood and I don't think there's a way back.
Almost every time autumn rolls around, I find myself humming "Bohemian Rhapsody," and strutting around in baggy sweaters, "Under Pressure" jamming in my head.

I am not that much of a rap fan. I mean, I like to listen to the occasional Eminem once in a while but never anything to the point of this. B.O.B. takes an almost Indie-sounding tune and makes it hip, current, and oh-so-catchy. Favs; "Both of Us" (featuring the ever-wonderful Taylor Swift and "Outta My Mind" (featuring the ever-cray-cray Nicki Minaj."

Yes, yes, this was on my summer playlist as well. But I legit have not even come close to getting sick of hearing his voice.. Soothing, yet masculine and words that describe every feeling you've ever had perfectly, Ed Sheeran is a master at what he does. I can't even tell you my favorite songs, due to the fact I listen to them all on a daily basis. (Obsessed Status; 5 Bagillion)

No brainer. I am such a P!nk addict, that there was no question in my mind that her new (awesome) album would be on this list.
In. Love.
I have no words.

This last one is kind of a "wild-card" pick so to say, for me. When I heard their song "Tongue Tied" on the radio, I found myself humming it until I annoyed everyone around me & I finally listened to their other songs about a month ago. I'm am slowly getting hooked.

enjoy rocking out lovelies,
mckenna k. xx

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