Friday, October 5, 2012

Etsy Love.

Lately, I have been falling back in love with Etsy. I used to be a complete addict of this website, constantly pinning my favorite looks, lusting over all of the homemade-chic, and being inspired. I slowly grew out of my initial love of the whole thing, but when I checked it recently, I was hooked by the first glance.
      I thought I would share some of my favorites I have completely obsessing over and wanting to buy with you this Friday :) Since there is so much crap I love on this website, I separated my favorites (trust me, it wasn't even easy to pick this few) into categories; clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry & geekery. enjoy!


1. I have been obsessed with everything geometric lately. Triangle rings, tattoos, cups, iPhone cases, shirts- I love 'em all. This shirt has a subtle & chic touch geometric to add to your closet.
2. I seriously have no idea why I love this Vintage Jackie Taub dress... but I am sooo infatuated by it.
3. These skyscraper leggings. Do I really have to say anything else about these babies?
4. I have been in a love/hate relationship with red forever. (Let us not think about my obnoxious red walls that I had to have..) But this coat, brings me to the good side of red. Yup. Definitely, in love right now.
5. Last but not least, I mean how cute is this sweater?!? Its a definite need for my baggy sweater family. 

Apparently, I am going to be getting more daring with my footwear...
1. Love, love, love these beauties. *Cue the Little Mix song* "You're words don't mean a thing / I'm not listening / There just like water off my wiiiiings."
2. WWII Steampunk Couture Booties. How could you go wrong? (these were very unfortunately sold out shortly after I looked at them :/)
3. Canary Yellow Combat Boots. Seriously. What has my life been without these beauties?. (also sold out. I blame myself for pinning them so many times...)
4. As a self-proclaimed Pixar anything addict, I don't even have words for these. Seriously, how cute would these hand-painted flats be in my wardrobe? That's right. Two Tons of Cute.


1. I love boho, slouchy bags. This square one is cute like this & scrunched up. I will marry the person who buys this for me. 
2. This clutch is super cute, and would go with virtually anything (BONUS; it features the chevron trend). Now that I have been more busy, I have preferred to ditch my purse and just carry my wallet, so this clutch is also a need. Who am I kidding? All of these things are needs.
3. The Bag = Stunning. The Color = Divine. The woman's hair posing with said bag = Jeeeealous.
4. I have been kind of drawn to skulls lately. Anything a little bit edgy while still keeping the girl look I love, has been a must for my closet. This bag is a prefect mixture of skull & ladylike flowers.


1.  OhmyHungerGames. When I saw this ring, fell IN LOVE. Peeta's pearl to Katniss. I am such a geek. And proud.
2. This statement necklace is to die for, in the best possible way. Remember me mentioning my love for geometric anything? Well, here it is again. 
3. And again. (Also loving this "hand bracelt" trend.. different but kind of hardcore)
4. I have also been intrigued by the "over-the-knuckle" rings trend. Definitely an acquired taste, but I really like the look of these ones.


1. I had my eyes on this my Little Pony dress for ages, but it sold recently. :( Again. I blame my excessive pinning.
2. This Scarf > Everything. I must-have for my fall wardrobe.
3. This Deathly Hallows case is freaking to die for. Now, all I need is the iPhone...
4. I have wanted this necklace since I first saw this on Etsy, months ago. I think it might be time to buy it :) Don't ya think?
5. This ear cuff maybe be a little geeky.. but hey, this is the geekery category & I might actually wear this.. Is that bad? Actually, I don't care. :)

I have legit, had this post started for weeks.. so I figured it was time to finish it. ;) Better late than never, right?
mckenna k. xx

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