Friday, December 28, 2012

New Traditions.

photo cred; Amber Walker
This past year has been pretty much a roller coaster  In October, my family went through a huge change that basically turned everything in my life, upside down. And since the holidays are sort-of, kind-of the worst times of the year when you have experience a massive change, my mother & I were determined to make a good, new tradition.

We needed something to symbolize letting go and something to hope for. So, we bought five red balloons and five green. Each of the red symbolize something we planned to let go off in the new year, and each of the  green stood for everything we hoped to see in the future. We then released them over the ocean.
        For myself, it was incredibly emotional and healing. The idea of sending them away, and looking forward to something was just what I needed.

However, one thing we may have looked over was the fact that it was only 30 degrees out and there was almost no sun... We froze, but it was kind of worth it. 

So, the holidays turned to not be so bad after all. We created new tradition let go of awful feelings and are moving in a good direction for the new year. 
I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who has been through a time of loss and bleakness. It helps greatly, and you start to feel yourself again :)

 So, I will leave you with what has become my moral over this year: Sometimes you just need to twirl :)

mckenna k. xx

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  1. An amazing post and incredible pictures! Keep remembering this day .