Monday, April 1, 2013

Photoshoot Sundays: Behind the Scenes.

great derp face McKenna, just great.
If you have been following me or checking my blog at any length of time, you most likely know I love photoshoots. I am constantly planning them out in my head and even though I sometimes get slightly impatient  my mother is always willing to be my photographer. ;)

my sneaky, swtiched-roles pic ;)
         We have just recently made it tradition for us to have one big photoshoot/adventure day on any major holiday or any Sunday for that matter. This Easter, we decided to pack up my mum's new tripod & funky umbrella to hit the road in search for a good backdrop for that day's photoshoot.
Now, this is just the behind the scenes post so you will be seeing the real shots soon :)

After a day filled with laughs & great photos, we decided to have a late lunch at one of our favorite restaurants on the coast (it helped that it was the only restaurant open...). We laughed, made fun of each other, took some more fabulous photos, had some great food, and enjoyed each other's company until it was time to return to reality. 

queen of the derp faces today I guess
These days are some I will never forget. 

Be on the lookout for the offspring of this photoshoot soon! 

until next time lovelies,
mckenna k. xx

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  1. I am excited to the see the shots from this photoshoot! Great teaser.