Saturday, March 31, 2012

New Inspiration :)

So bloggers, I know I have been completely indivisible and un-blogiful (new favorite term? I think so!) But lately I have been getting inspiration from everywhere I look. I found inspiration in the sunset, at the gas station my family stopped at on our mini-road trip, and even when I was driving to get my much-needed Starbucks. Every where I turn, I want to take pictures. I want to write. And I want to paint. So I have many new COMPLETED paintings to share with the blogger world, and I am very excited to do so, but first to have a sort-of "coming of age post" to my new blogging life, I am just going to share so of my photos from my latest mini-photo shoot :)
My grandmother found this GENIUS head-wrap-slash-ponytail-holder-slash-necklace-scarf-thing at a craft store, and I have been completely in love with since she brought it into my life. <3 I mean c'mon the thing is cute AND extremely functional. :) so I thought I would share some of my sunset photos I took with it :) enjoy bloggers! <3
Until next time,
McKenna K.

p.s. I used the iPad app "Pixlromatic" to edit these photos :) its free and it's GENIUS :)

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  1. To quote a certain someone, I am in love with these photos.