Saturday, January 7, 2012


Hey Bloggers!
Recently, I have had a "revelation" so to speak, with my oil paintings. I was thinking over my many projects one day, and all of these amazing ideas began to flow out of the abyss, I call my brain. I quickly wrote them down, and I am so excited to begin the journey of completing these amazing paintings & share them with the rest of the blogging world. :)
Considering that oil paintings take (what seems like) FOREVER to dry, I am always starting another painting. & then another one. & then another one. However, I never seem to go back and finish the ones I began so long ago.
This particular painting, started out as something COMPLETELY different and morphed into on of my amazing ideas that came to me. It is very close to my heart, and has many deeper meanings within every last brush stroke.
So, as I mark one of my great things to do off of my painting list, I wish you all the best with your endeavors whether they be artistic or not. ;*

Until next time,
McKenna K.

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