Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Hey bloggers!
While I was hanging out with my family on this rainy, windy night, I was starting the think of the Mythbusters episode where they try to walk across the cornstarch and water mixture. Do you remember that one? Well, anyways, I thought that a in-between-solid-and-liquid mixture could possibly be a cool material to work into my projects..
Boy was I wrong.
The mixture is rock hard until you touch it, and then it automatically transforms into a liquid. Making it IMPOSSIBLE to work with or clean up. However, it incredibly fun to play around with :) Well, I figured I might as well show you this failure/accomplishment :) Enjoy!

Until next time,
McKenna K.


  1. haha. The silver lining is it made for a good blogpost.

  2. You are simply adorable!! I love that you are still open to discovery & pure messiness:) May you always keep that joy for science & experiments:)