Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Something Different.

So, bloggers, lately I have been mainly focusing on the sketching aspect of my artist life. I love to do so many more things that I decided to share one of my photography elements that I just finished recently.
But first you need a little bit of background information about this piece. While watching the ABC Family show, Switched at Birth, I fell in love with the captivating language of ASL. I have always been interested in that language but i never truly tried to further my knowledge into the deaf community; until now. I started taking ASL 1 class and I fell in love all over again & I even started to consider entering the interpreter track.
So, in honor of my new found love and Switched at Birth returning to the small screen, I created this photo montage. My fingers spell out "I Love You," and I am wicked excited to share this one with the blogger community. :) Enjoy!

Until next time,
McKenna K.

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