Monday, May 6, 2013

My Short List to Happy.

I finally have some inspiration (thank you Photo-A-Day), so I am taking today off to share with you my short list to happy. :)

spending time with my family (this usuaully includes unhealthy, but-yummy food) 

packages in the mail (or just getting mail in general)

new cute clothes (that i feel confident & myself in)


watching good indie movies whilst lounging in comfy pjs

comfy new sweaters

doing anything (and I mean anything: i.e. riding around while she makes endless phone calls) with my mum

ed sheeran.

having nice enough weather to be able to drive with my windows down 

falling in love with a new band (most recently: Local Natives & Ambassadors)

days devoted to relaxing

the sound of new vinyl (especially Bon Iver & Arcade Fire)

sleeping in on long weekends and not feeling guilty about it

cuddles & selfies with my little sissy

mckenna k. xx

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