Saturday, January 5, 2013

Headed into 2013~ Bravely.

Well this post is slightly late, but we will just have to overlook that. :)

I started picking out a "word" for the year (and last year was the beginning of that tradition). Almost as a theme for the coming year, and something to ensure what I wanted to achieve that year would come true.
     Last year, I chose the word "yes." In the sense, that I was going to "say yes to myself," that I was good enough. This weirdly, played out very well this year. I became more confident (with some slight rough patches) and returned to the land of loving yourself.
     This year, however, was slightly hard for me to choose a word. I was unsure what I expected to get out of the coming year, but in the end, I decided that I wanted to be brave, confident, and BOLD.
     So, this year is going to be bold. :)

be ready for my "bold" journey!
mckenna k. xx


  1. I am excited to see what your word holds for you this year.

  2. BOLD . . . you started today! Can't wait to see what comes of your Boldness this year. We know once you set your mind to something - It Will Happen!!:)